Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

A warm welcome to all our library clients. May 2017 be the year in which your academic endeavours bear fruit and all your goals are met.
We are looking forward to a year filled with exciting challenges and are committed to remain relevant and sustain a high level of client satisfaction.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Final news update for 2016

The year is drawing to a close and we thankfully look back on a few highlights we accomplished since our last update in May:

Veterinary Science research support LibGuide

We published our Veterinary Science research support “LibGuide” during May and plan to expand it in the near future to add more valuable information for postgraduate students. We also provided a LibGuide for Veterinary Science legislation and training material.

ORCiD membership

The University of Pretoria recently signed an ORCiD membership agreement in its endeavour to improve the university’s research visibility. Researchers are encouraged to register for a unique ORCiD ID, to populate their ORCiD record with publications and professional information and widely use it during their scholarly life. Information specialists at the different Faculties were tasked to train and assist researchers in obtaining and using ORCiD ID’s. We found it very appropriate to market ORCiD during and beyond this year’s Open Access celebrations during October.

Conferences and Workshops

Staff members were fortunate to attend the following:

SARIMA (Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association): Creating an enabling environment for postgraduate research

LIASA Interlending Workshop, National Library of South Africa

Southern African Online User Group – 13th International Southern African Online Information Meeting

University of Johannesburg Library Conference: Reinventing African libraries

During September Amelia Breytenbach presented a “Dublin Core Metadata Workshop” to staff members of the University of Pretoria’s Department of Library Services.

Hybrid Fair participation

A Hybrid fair was recently held at the University of Pretoria to celebrate its hybrid model of teaching and learning. Our colleague Marguerite Nel was involved in preparing material for the exhibition and representing us at the fair.

Experiential training of final year Information Science students

A group of 58 students from the University of Pretoria’s Department of Information Science completed their Experiential Learning Project at the library. The library’s Open Scholarship Office and Digitisation section hosted them for the period.

The Veterinary Science library was fortunate to have a group of them working on digitising and uploading part of the “Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research” to UPSpace.

This gave our collection quite a boost. You can read more about this student project in the Dept of Library Services’ July/August/September 2016 newsletter.

With this we would like to wish our clients a blessed Festive Season and a well-deserved period of rest. May we all return in 2017 with renewed energy and innovative plans for the New Year.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 update

Many things have been happening since the start of this year that is worth reporting about!

We started the New Year off with a brand new printing, photocopying and scanning system for staff and students. The TuksPrint system was implemented during the end of 2015 and was in full operation at the start of 2016.

Several library training and orientation sessions have been offered since the beginning of the year and until now we have had approximately 450 students attending approximately ten sessions.

The new OCLC WorldShare Management System replaced our Millenium Integrated Library System and went live on 4 April. The system was officially launched on 18 April. A lot of training and preparation preceded these dates and by now we feel comfortable to say that we’ve passed the biggest hurdle and are now getting to know the finer detail of the new system. You can read more about the launch of the system in a news post of the University of Pretoria.

During May we participated in celebrating the 10 year existence of the library’s repository UPSpace. UPSpace, which was once again ranked as the number 1 repository in Africa and amongst the first 100 repositories worldwide, was upgraded to a new version and also received a brand new landing page. The latest ranking web of repositories for Africa can be viewed here.

With the implementation of a new library management system, we had to start thinking about changing our library web pages to accommodate the new system. With the help of the library’s web master, Christelle Steyn, the new Jotello F Soga library landing page was finalised by Antoinette Lourens during April.

A less delightful task that we have to embark on during the year, is evaluating our current database, paper and e-journal and e-book subscriptions in order to recommend a sufficient number of cancellations to meet future unavoidable budget cuts. This will have to be done with great caution to cause the minimum inconvenience for our clients.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wishing you joy and prosperity for the Festive Season and in the New Year

The year is heading to an end and we would like to wish everyone a joyful festive season and a prosperous 2016. We hope to contribute in some or other way to your scholarly success in the New Year.

For an interesting overview of what has been happening in our library over the past year, please read our two newsletters published in June and October.

We are looking forward to meeting again in 2016.

Staff – Jotello F. Soga Library

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Open Access Week - 19 - 25 October 2015

Our library has been celebrating Open Access Week (19-25 October) as part of a global event that entered its 8th year in 2015.

Once again it was an opportunity to share the benefits of unrestricted open access to research results with clients.

The manager of the Open Scholarship Office of the Dept of Library Services, University of Pretoria, Dr Leti Kleyn wrote an interesting article published by The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF) as part of a series of three related articles: Why it’s getting harder to access free, quality academic research

Friday, February 20, 2015

New additions to "The Henry Stewart Talks" database

New additions to “The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection” of the Henry Stewart Talks are now available.

Eight of the ten newly released online lectures are part of a series covering “Animal models in Biomedical Research”.

  • The moral status of invasive animal research Prof. Bernard E. Rollin, Colorado State University, USA
  • Legal aspects of using animals for research in the U.S. Dr. B. Taylor Bennet, Management Consultant, USA
  • Modern production of laboratory animals Dr. Martin Toft , Taconic Ltd., USA
  • Creating animal models by genetic techniques Mr. Emmanuel Gomas, Transgenic Technologies, Training and Consulting, 3TC, FR
  • Surgical models and perioperative care in swine Prof. M. Michael Swindle, Medical University of South Carolina, USA; Prof. Mary Ann McCrackin, Medical University of South Carolina, USA
  • Improving and humanizing animal models by microbiomic techniques Prof. Axel Kornerup Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Behavioral phenotyping of mouse models of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders Prof. Jacqueline N. Crawley, University of California, USA
  • Development of immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes. Value and limitations of mouse models. Prof. Matthias von Herrath, Novo Nordisk Ltd, USA

The University of Pretoria has full access to all the lectures which can be accessed from the Library website: E-Resources – Databases – Henry Stewart Talks

Monday, February 2, 2015

UPSpace performs well in webometrics ranking

Dr Leti Kleyn,Manager of the library's Open Scholarship Office announced on Friday that the university's repository UPSpace has moved up a considerable number of places on the webometrics ranking system:

"The new Webometrics ranking were announced earlier today at

UPSpace is still first in Africa. The repository performed well on the world ranking and moved up from 99th position to 73rd."

We are proud to be part of this achievement as our Veterinary Science component within UPSpace is also growing continuously.